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Matt’s Inside Line: Fringe

Posted by Annie on
June 6th, 2011

Got the Monday blahs? Let’s see if I can perk up the start of your week with a flurry of scoops, teases and sound bites from some of TV’s hottest shows and stars.

Fringe | Count Anna Torv among those utterly perplexed as to what Peter’s “nonexistence” means not just for Fox series’ coming narrative, but specifically for Bolivia’s bambino. After all, given the jaw-dropping season-ending reveal, “That means that [the baby] doesn’t exist, right?” she wonders. “That’s the stuff that I’m left thinking about.” But while Torv tells me she is “super-interested in what’s going to happen to the baby,” the biggest question on her noggin concerns what the extraction of Peter from Olivia’s past means for her character. As the actress puts it, “Who is she, having never met Peter?”


Gallery Updates: SciFiNow Scans

Posted by Annie on
June 6th, 2011

Huge thanks to Sofia from FanForums (which you should join and go chat!), scans from SciFiNow past issues, which I posted over the weekend, but I was so sleepy I saved this entry as draft instead of publishing:

  • SciFi Now – Issue 43
  • SciFi Now – Issue 50
  • SciFi Now – Issue 53
  • Previews:

    Hey guys, I’m sorta back, taking a break from sites while Fringe is on hiatus, but Anna has been busy, which is awesome! I know she attended the Paley Center, which I’ll post pics soo. This weekend she attended the Italian Fantasy and Horror Festival Award. Lots of pictures around the web from fans that have met Anna. Here are some links from these lucky people!

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  • I’ve reblogged most of them at our Tumblr: (which I probably should start promoting more)

    Interview in Italian at I do understand some of it, but I can’t really translate to english or it’d be very messed up.

    Anna Torv has been nominated for “Best Actress in a Drama Series” and Fringe is nominated for “Best Drama Series”.

    Finally some recognition for Anna and the show. I’m so happy! 😀

    About the Critics’ Choice Television Awards:

    The new rival to the Emmys, which will focus on shows and stars, will be held on June 20 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

    Having become a factor in the movie awards season, broadcast critics are now extending their franchise to television. The inaugural Critics’ Choice Television Awards will be presented on June 20 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
    The new TV honors, which will focus on shows and stars, won’t be televised — at least not yet. “The model is to let it grow organically,” explains entertainment reporter and critic Joey Berlin, who was a founding member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and is currently president.


    Beware of spoilers!!! 🙂

    More to come… 😉

    An Evening with Fringe at Paley Center video

    Posted by Annie on
    May 20th, 2011


    Last night Anna Torv & John Noble were honored by The Paley Center for Media as the organization presented An Evening with “Fringe” — where the stars talked to a rapt room full of actors and show devotees about their experiences on Fox’s sci-fi phenomenon.

    But before they took the stage, Anna & John exclusively talked to PopWrap about the season three finale, what they think it means for their characters and where they hope things go in season four!

    PopWrap: Congratulations on a truly incredible season finale — what did you think of it?
    John Noble: I loved it. The script was evolving as we were doing it too – in particular, the ending with Peter evaporating. That was kind of a light thought that came in at one point and just made everyone say, “whoa.” But scripts often evolve like that, especially as they built the trilogy of episodes at the end of this season. So many things were happening, it was kind of mind boggling and very exciting, but kind of insane.

    PW: Do you understand what happened?
    Anna Torv: I do, but I’m not quite sure where it’s going.
    John: At a psychological level, I absolutely understand it. For Walter/Walternate, I see them as the same man, so psychologically, I do understand. In dreams this happens, in other mental states this happens. So it doesn’t concern me that we do a literal representation that’s in another mind dimension, we all have those things.

    PW: What excites you about the potential this universe bridge opens up for season four?
    So much! I don’t know for sure, we haven’t talked to the showrunners yet, but I would think this obviously means her baby doesn’t exist. I’m also curious to the concept of, “How much pain has Peter caused Olivia over the last three seasons?” Now, who is she without ever having experienced that? What kind of shifts will the characters make without Peter in our lives? But simultaneously how are we going to find him?

    PW: I would imagine it also means you’ll be playing both versions of your characters a lot more next year.
    I think so too, and that is such a gift as an actor.
    Anna: I love it. I’m also excited because we seen a lot of interaction between the characters, which we will now that they’re in the same world. Also, with Lincoln too! I know Seth [Gabel] is coming back!
    John: Oh, he’s so great!
    Anna: It’ll be fun to see him on both sides as well.

    PW: That could get messy for Fauxlivia!
    John: Well she hasn’t committed to him yet!
    Anna: That’s true! Maybe Olivia will get her back and date Lincoln! She needs some love too [laughs].

    PW: Tonight is all about the actorly part of “Fringe” and obviously these dual performances are an excellent example of that. How have you approached it?
    John: I’ve always seen these characters as the psychological parts of the same man. It’s that melding together – now the pressure is on enough that they have to stop compromising and come together. Because, and this is my personal opinion, but to survive this situation, this man needs to be his very best and that’s a combination of Walter and Walternate. That’s the approach I’m taking to it and it seems to be working. But we’ll know for sure on Thursday, when we talk to the showrunners about season four.

    PW: Oh man, you know that fans are going to be stalking your life on Friday now!
    Anna: [laughs] John: They’ll tell us just enough to keep us tantalized – that’s what they do.

    PW: What are you hoping to talk about?
    Anna: In that last speech where Peter talked about who brought the parts back – Astrid or Ella – I’m interested in that. I wonder if we’ll do more back and forth with the future.
    John: I’m excited to continue with the different universes, I like that they’re going to work together. That’s always something we’ve wanted to do – not show a black and white world. This way you don’t automatically choose one side. We work really hard to humanize both sides.

    PW: Back to the alternates, do you prefer playing one more than the other?
    John: I do. I enjoy Walter more because he’s so random. And as an actor, that means I can do whatever I want and get away with it, whereas Walternate is so stitched up. Walter is a lot more fun.
    Anna: It changes, I vacillate. When Faux-livia first came about I was thrilled not to be in the suit, but then I played Olivia Over There and I loved her during that period. It changes.

    PW: Favorite episode this season?
    John: I loved the one with Christopher Lloyd. It was such a joy to work with him and he was so good in the role.
    Anna: I actually think “Entrada” – I enjoyed that because I had so much fun stuff to do,. You’re always biased towards things like that. It was my favorite episode to make, I don’t know how it would be watching it.

    PW: And lastly, this show has really lived and died by the fans — a very fickle community, it should be said. What kinds of comments have you been hearing from fans?
    Anna: One of the things I love about doing the show is that anyone who stops me on the street, always asks “what’s happening next?” To be a part of something that’s bigger than you is fun because it means that the show you’re making is the star.
    John: That’s true. When people stop me on the street, it’s so generous and then “what do you know?” [laughs]. We have incredible fans.


    For “Fringe” fans, it’s hard to picture Australian actress Anna Torv in anything but a pant suit, a starched collared shirt and black boots, gun at the ready, as FBI agent Olivia Dunham on Fox’s sci-fi show. The 32-year-old is great at playing a tomboy on television, but her real-life wardrobe is far from it.

    On Monday, Torv attended the Fox upfront in New York City, where the network presented its upcoming prime-time schedule to advertisers. Fans of the series were delighted to hear that Torv will be back for another season, with more — you guessed it — gray-and-black pant suits and ponytails. “Fringe” is slated to air on Fridays at 9 p.m. this fall.

    Torv hit the blue carpet at the upfront party in a refreshingly girlie navy dress with teeny-tiny yellow polka dots and a bow accent at the waist, and a pair of peep-toe black patent leather heels.

    The ensemble is a testament to Torv’s signature understated elegance. The dress is subtle but party-ready, the patent heels add just a hint of glam and the barely-there makeup and no-fuss hair are two of Torv’s best looks.

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    Pictures of Anna at the Paley Center for Media where she attended “An Evening with Fringe”.