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Fringe Exclusive: Across the Universes

Posted by Annie on
November 16th, 2010

WARNING: Contains Spoilers!

Who says you can’t go home again? Now that Fringe’s Olivia knows she’s actually a captive in Walternate’s wild world, it’s time for our heroine to head back to the universe she belongs in.

“Olivia just needs to find someone she can trust,” says Anna Torv, whose Agent Dunham has spent the bulk of Season 3 on the other side — being brainwashed and experimented on by Walternate — while her doppelgänger (aka Bolivia) was over here, working as a secret agent within Fringe Division by day and rocking an unsuspecting Peter’s world by night. Thankfully, her time in the alt-verse has allowed Olivia to line up a few allies to aid in her escape, including, of all people, alt-Broyles.

“I figure out that she knows who she really is,” reveals Lance Reddick, adding that his by-the-book Fringe Division leader ultimately opts to betray his country after uncovering Walternate’s wicked plan to get his hands on the Cortexiphan in Olivia’s system. “He decides to save Olivia because they’re about to dissect her. She is the only one they have ever found who can cross back and forth between universes safely without any of the effects, and they want to know why.”

Back in this world, things are looking just as grim for Bolivia. With her cover blown and unable to secure an extraction back to the alternate universe, the Mata Hari winds up in federal custody and facing trial. But then something sick and certifiably Fringe occurs to send our home team into a tizzy. “Shock, horror, all of that,” is all Reddick will reveal of the twist.

Once the dust settles and both women are back where they belong, it won’t be long before even more shock and horror set in. After all, Peter’s got some ‘splaining to do about what he’s been up to — and who he’s been getting down with — since the real Olivia’s been gone.

“The last interaction he had with Olivia was, ‘I’m not quite sure how I feel about you, but I’m gonna take a huge emotional gamble on what we could be,'” says Joshua Jackson. “Now the payoff for that gamble was that he actually did fall in love, just not with the woman he was signing on for. How do you broach that conversation?”

He’s not the only one feeling conflicted. “When our Olivia comes back, you’ll see how we all change suddenly, how the relationships will change. We have got to reestablish the game rules for the team,” says John Noble of the impact Walternate’s spy will have on the crew. “It will be really interesting to see how the Peter-Olivia situation is handled.”

Jackson is concerned how viewers are going to feel about Peter not just falling for another woman, but also being played once again. “He gets hoodwinked at a time when you’d think he’d be a little bit more eyes-wide-open,” says Jackson. “And because he doesn’t figure [Bolivia] out and has no real hand in getting our Olivia home, I worry about Peter’s future. I think it may break the character. It’s like, ‘Who is this guy who keeps getting fooled?'”

Fear not, promise the producers. “An impostor in their midst has in a lot of ways damaged their relationships, and now we’re playing the fallout,” says executive producer Jeff Pinkner, “but the team is a family.” Adds executive producer Joel Wyman: “It’s a family in crisis, and now we’re going to see how they come back together. It’s our way of exploring the Peter and Olivia relationship even deeper.”

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