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Posted by Annie on
December 14th, 2010


Question: In season 3 of Fringe so far, the focus has heavily been on Olivia and her emotional turmoil. Any chance we’ll be seeing more from Peter? He’s been painfully absent and with everything he’s gone through recently, it must all build up and make him close to breaking-point, right? We often see Olivia and Walter have meltdowns and heart-breaking scenes, but there are so few from Peter. Joshua Jackson’s an amazing actor when given the opportunity! — Helen

Matt Roush:
This question arrived in my e-mailbag before last week’s “Marionette” episode aired, so I have to assume Helen was satisfied by how central Peter was to the story, and how Jackson nailed his scenes with Olivia: the big reveal and then the climactic, sad aftermath. If Peter was less visible for much of the first part of the season, that’s in large part because he doesn’t have an alt-world doppelganger, given that he already IS alt-Peter. Moving forward, when the show returns (Jan. 21, in a new Friday time slot), we have to assume Peter will be much more integral to the story. In part because of that mystery machine the Walt-ernate is so obsessed with. In case you missed it, here’s what Natalie Abrams reported in answering a question in last week’s Mega Buzz column: “The pieces of the machine puzzle will come together when the show returns next year. John Noble calls it ‘a huge turning point’ for the season. ‘What they’ve done with the machine — and Peter — I actually think it’s super exciting,” Anna Torv adds, noting that the upcoming machine-centric episodes are “awesome for Josh [Jackson].'” Excited now?