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Another interview from MTV Movies Blog and another video that I also can’t view the video here in Brazil.

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“Fringe” has literally entered a new era with its currently airing fourth season. Following the explosive events of the season three finale, Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) has been erased from existence. The result: a brand new timeline for Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and the rest of her colleagues, one in which Peter — both the one from our universe and the one from over there — never survived to adulthood.

Torv stopped by MTV News earlier in the week to talk about the new season of “Fringe,” and we asked her to tease what’s going down in tonight’s fourth episode, titled “Subject 9.” Though she initially had some trouble dropping hints — “I’m just such a bad tease,” she laughed — she did offer a very tantalizing clue regarding how Olivia’s past has changed in light of this new continuity.

“Episode four, you get to see Walter and Olivia and how they’ve managed to come to terms with each other and how they work together,” she told MTV. “You see a lot. You see the changed relationships between a couple of our main characters. And there are quite a few clues as to what happened in Olivia’s past with the Cortexiphan trials in this timeline.”

Revisiting the Cortexiphan trials, eh? Suddenly, tonight’s title, “Subject 9,” makes a whole lot of sense. The title of last season’s “Subject 13” referred to Olivia during the early phases of Walter Bishop and William Bell’s Cortexiphan experiments, but in this new, Peter-less timeline, has Olivia’s numerical assignment in the trial changed?

More importantly, let’s not forget that Olivia and Peter met each other briefly during those Cortexiphan trials, with Peter playing a key role during a dark moment of Olivia’s life. With Peter gone, how will that influence the way this pivotal moment in Olivia’s childhood played out? Will we find out in tonight’s episode?

The answers are just hours away. “Fringe” airs tonight (October 14) at 9/8 central on Fox.