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(on the show “Mistresses“) I’m relieved that in this show particularly there wasn’t really a big deal made out of (being a lesbian). You have gay characters and it’s usually, ‘Ooh, she’s gay and it’s this and it’s that’, but they’re having an affair like all the other characters in the show and it reads like a normal relationship – which is what it is.

(on being associated with her billionaire uncle Rupert Murdoch) I hate that that even comes up. I’ve been estranged from my father since I was eight.

(comparing herself to her character in “The Secret Life of Us“) I was cynical about life and particularly about love when I was younger, just like Nikki. Since then I have fallen in love but at the moment, Nikki is too afraid.

(about her character Nikki in “The Secret Life of Us“) Nikki is harsh. I can understand why though and I hope the audience will also learn to understand in time.