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Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’ FYC Event

Posted by Marilia on
June 3rd, 2018

Netflix invited Television Academy National Active members and a guest to a screening and panel discussion of Mindhunter wit the cast Anna Torv, Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Cameron Britton and David Fincher (Executive Producer/Director), Erik Messerschmidt (Director of Photography), Steve Arnold (Production Designer), Jennifer Starzyk (Costume Designer), and Laray Mayfield (Casting Director). Our gallery has been updated with high quality images.

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5th Annual Vulture Festival

Posted by Marilia on
May 21st, 2018

Anna attended Vulture Festival alongside her co-stars Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany and Cameron Britton where they spoke onstage during ‘Get Your Mind Blown With the Cast of Mindhunter’ on Day Two of the event Presented By AT&T. Our gallery has been updated with images, enjoy!

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On May 19, Anna joined the cast and producers of Netflix’s Mindhunter to discuss about the show in an official ATAS Screening and Panel. Our gallery has been updated with images, enjoy!

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SECRET CITY, THE political drama that had everyone absorbed, is getting a second season. Two-time Academy award-nominee Jacki Weaver will reprise her role alongside Anna Torv – with Wentworth’s Danielle Cormack also added to the cast!

Titled Secret City: Under the Eagle, this new instalment follows Harriet Dunkley (played by Torv), a journalist who was imprisoned but is now released only to be once again caught up in a tale of intrigue among the powers that be in Canberra. Expect plenty of secrets, lies and betrayals as the series plunges back into the dark side of the political world.

Weaver returns as Labor powerbroker Catriona Bailey – who is ensnared in the cover-up Harriet discovers. “She is complicated, which I love because real people are full of contradictions,” says Weaver of the role. “And she’s very powerful.”

Torv, who won a Logie Award for her performance in the first season, is thrilled to be revisiting her character, too, because she resonates with viewers. “I think everyone likes truth-seekers, and that’s exactly what the show’s got,” she says. “Every political journalist I spoke to, without fail, talked about the idea of truth, that through the medium you should be able to change things. I think that’s why journos do what they do. If you break a story, especially something that’s going to affect the country, that pops the lid, it does change things.”

Cormack is a new addition to the series as a maverick Independent MP. It’s through her that Harriet becomes aware of some dastardly dealings, which implicate the military.

“[The series] does show what’s possible, that sometimes the most unexpected things can happen. Skulduggery can happen right under your nose and you don’t realise it,” says Weaver.

Also joining the cast is Logie Award-winning actor Rob Collins (The Wrong Girl, Cleverman), and Sacha Horler and Marcus Graham have also been confirmed to be returning to their roles.

Shooting is expected to begin in Canberra and Sydney this week. And there’s plenty of talent behind the cameras. This series has been written by Matt Cameron (writer/co-producer/creator of Sunshine and Jack Irish) and Belinda Chayko (showrunner/writer of Safe Harbour and story producer/writer of Barracuda), who both wrote for the first series, as well as playwright Angela Betzien (Eggs, The Hanging) and Elise McCredie (Sunshine, Nowhere Boys). Directing duties will be handled by Tony Krawitz (The Kettering Incident, Devil’s Playground) and Daniel Nettheim (Doctor Who, Broadchurch).

Also, political journalists Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis – whose novels The Marmalade Files and The Mandarin Code were adapted for the first season – are onboard as story consultants.

Stephen Corvini (Safe Harbour, Hyde and Seek) will produce the series. Executive producers are Foxtel’s head of drama Penny Win and drama development executive Carly Heaton, Penny Chapman from Matchbox Pictures and the series showrunner Matt Cameron.

“This new story is absolutely captivating, with twists and turns that will keep audiences both guessing and riveted,” says Brian Walsh, Foxtel’s executive director of television.

SECRET CITY: UNDER THE EAGLE will air on showcase in 2018.


Our gallery was updated with posters and production stills of Mindhunter Season One and also HQ screencaptures of Anna as Wendy Carr. Enjoy it!

001.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg

MINDHUNTERS01E04-0234.jpg MINDHUNTERS01E07-0195.jpg MINDHUNTERS01E07-0028.jpg MINDHUNTERS01E05-0113.jpg


Gallery Updates: 2017 Public Appearances

Posted by Marilia on
December 19th, 2017

Hello, guys! We’ve updated our gallery with some pictures of Anna attending events in 2017. We’ll also work on our gallery in the next day, don’t forget to take a look!

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First Teaser Trailer for Mindhunter

Posted by Annie on
March 1st, 2017

Netflix has released the first teaser to Mindhunter. Based on the book by the same name and directed by David Fincher, the show is set for release in October. Watch it below:

New Interview with Anna where she talks Secret City, Mindhunter and taking a break. Also, a new photoshoot with a brunette Anna! She looks gorgeous! Below are scans, the photoshoot and the article. Thanks Luciana.

In any upscale restaurant around Los Angeles, you can’t throw a stone without hitting a celebrity, even if most of them are hidden in the back corner. But not only does Australian actor Anna Torv choose a sunlit front patio table at popular hotspot Goldie’s for our interview, her accent prompts a gushing reaction from our over-the-top waiter. “We have an Australian actress who comes in here all the time, but I can’t remember her name!” he brags.

Torv has agreed to meet me for lunch at the hip restaurant owned by the trio of Aussies who are also behind the West Hollywood favourite Eveleigh, and she’s excited to talk about her starring role in the new Foxtel series, Secret City. But she’s far too modest to play the “Don’t you know who I am?” game and just smiles with polite curiosity as the waiter hurries off to figure out whose name he should be dropping.

With the kind of ethereal beauty and talent that have earned her comparisons with fellow NIDA graduate Cate Blanchett, Torv is so far best known for her long-running role as FBI agent Olivia Dunham on the Fox sci-fi drama Fringe, which ended in 2013. Yet as we sit at a street-facing table that flanks a verdant living wall of plants, Torv insists fame was never a priority.

“Sometimes I still get recognised,” she says with a tinge of embarrassment. “It used to happen the day after the show had aired and somebody would be really excited to see me, but now it’s maybe just the occasional double-take.”

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Secret City Posters, Stills & Promos

Posted by Annie on
June 5th, 2016

Secret City started airing in Australia (On Showcase/Foxtel) today, and here are promos, stills and posters. I’m waiting for a copy to pop online so I can finally watch it!

The Daughter Stills & Posters

Posted by Annie on
June 5th, 2016

The Daughter is set for release later this year, here are posters and stills.

The story follows a man who returns home to discover a long-buried family secret, and whose attempts to put things right threaten the lives of those he left home years before.