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As the television season approaches its end, fans can get ready for big finales for their favorite shows. How will Jack Bauer save the day this time? How desperate will the Housewives get? Fringe has started laying the groundwork for an interdimensional war and star Anna Torv needs to know who she’s fighting.

“I want to know about that because it seems like Olivia’s kind of interlinked to that, “Torv said. “We keep getting more and more little bits and pieces of information. In the next couple of episodes, David Robert Jones comes back, Harris comes back. It’s a J.J. show so every time you get to satiate one desire, it’s like a whole other one gets opened. I love the idea of that. It’s left me wanting a lot more.”

In its first season, Fringe is still setting everything up, so this finale might ask more questions than it answers. “We still don’t quite know who this war is between or why yet, so I think that’s what she’s struggling with. At the moment, it definitely gives her the ability to access the information.”

Olivia Dunham, Torv’s character, doesn’t let rules get in the way of her mission. “She does break the rules a lot. See, I always think that she’s really straight and really does the right thing, but she does. She just shoots people and kills people all the time, doesn’t she? She keeps breaking the rules.”

One of the last scenes Torv shot this year, but perhaps not a scene from the finale, was a showdown between Olivia and her resident eccentric scientist Walter Bishop (John Noble), who experimented on her as a child. “Olivia does a scene that I really loved. Olivia does go to confront Walter but that’s actually not in the finale. That kind of leaked into different bits and pieces. I can’t say my favorite stuff.”

It has been a big year for Torv, getting discovered by J.J. Abrams for a show that became a hit, and on which she met her husband, Mark Valley. “I know, I don’t know how I got so lucky. I don’t know how I got so lucky. It’s been a huge year, and really fun.”



***May have spoilers***

One of the nicest TV gangs in town—the cast and producers of Fox’s Fringe—gathered at Paley Fest last week to discuss season one, including what we can expect from the three remaining episodes (the first of which airs tonight).

Read on to find out what they revealed to us exclusively about who got the coveted scene with Leonard Nimoy’s William Bell, about which villains return for an encore and which shocking secret about Peter is revealed way ahead of schedule…

Countdown to Finale: Expect the final three episodes to blow out the show as you’ve known it so far. Says executive producer Roberto Orci: “We were saving so many juicy secrets for years and years, and we’re actually going to stick a bunch of them in the finale. That may be the worst idea ever, but we’re doing it.” According to Anna Torv, all sorts of nooks and crannies of the show’s mythology will be explored: “The last couple of episodes are very exciting. You get to the bottom of Harris (Michael Gaston)—there are a couple of surprises—and Jones (Jared Harris) comes back, and you find out something that I didn’t expect. And we meet William Bell!” But according to Josh Jackson, the final eps are really all about Ms. Olivia: “The episodes that we’re in right now are about clarifying why it is that Olivia is so important to the FBI and understanding why Olivia specifically—not any other cop—got chosen for that job.”

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Their relationship caught me off guard, as did their shocker wedding, but “Fringe” co-stars Anna Torv and Mark Valley were the picture of wedded bliss at last night’s “Star Trek” premiere.

In fact, the red carpet was a smorgasbord of past and present J.J. Abrams stars. In addition to his “Fringe” friends, “Mission Impossible: 3” actress Michelle Monaghan, “Lost” star Matthew Fox and “Alias'” last bastion of hope Rachel Nichols all made appearances.

But donde esta J.J.’s most beautiful leading ladies Keri Russell and Jennifer Garner? OK, Jen is still in NYC but Keri, whatchu got goin on that’s more important than this public appearance?


1×15 & 1×16 Screencaps

Posted by Annie on
April 16th, 2009

I uploaded this week’s episodes screencaps, episode Unleashed:

I had uploaded from last week episode too, but hadnt posted about it: Inner Child


Posted by Annie on
April 8th, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been dragging me as crazy. I’ll update tomorrow, I promise!

After an American Idol­­-mandated hiatus this winter, Fringe returns with six new episodes in a row. talked to star Anna Torv about how the bald kid in “Inner Child” (9 pm/ET, Fox) fits into the Observer mystery, Agent Olivia Dunham’s superpowers, and whether she’ll get a new love interest any time soon. Recently we’ve seen a softer side of Olivia — in her scenes with children. Is it difficult, as the old saying goes, to work with kids?
Anna Torv: Particularly with Spencer [List, who plays the “mini-Observer”], he was just a dream to work with. I hate it when people talk down to children, and I just loved him actually. I think we got on really well, and it shows in that episode. Who or what are the Observers? What’s their function?
Torv: I honestly don’t know. We’re currently shooting the finale, and we’re just starting to get a glimpse into their function. Tell us about Olivia’s powers then.
Torv: We find out what was done to her when she was little, and that she maybe has some special ability.

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A Conversation with Anna Torv

Posted by Annie on
February 20th, 2009


Want to know why Aussie girls look so amazing? Fringe star Anna Torv knows the secret: low-maintenance beauty
by Diane Clehane

You’ve gotta love a straight-shooting Aussie chick. Take the latest wonder from Down Under, Anna Torv. Newfound stardom in the U.S.–she plays FBI agent Olivia Dunham on the Fox sci-fi series Fringe–hasn’t turned the actress into the kind of Master Cleansing, rabbit-food-nibbling, body-obsessed waif that’s become all too common on the small screen. In fact, she says, “To be really honest, I don’t love the gym.”

But that’s OK, because the 30-year-old actress is getting quite a workout on her new show, “running about” the set with costar Joshua Jackson as they chase down clues to government conspiracies. “There’s a lot of manhandling of bad guys, which is great fun,” she says. “I love being physical, but I don’t have any desire to prove myself. My character uses her feminine wiles, too. I’m interested in keeping that side of it real.”

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Fringe April Preview

Posted by Annie on
February 16th, 2009

Fringe returns only in April now, but here is a preview of the next episode, “Inner Child”:

Magazine Scans

Posted by Annie on
February 14th, 2009

1×14 – Ability Screencaps

Posted by Annie on
February 12th, 2009

Uploaded screencaps from last episode: Ability:

I also uploaded pictures from the NY ComicCon, just forgot to post here *sleepy head*

ComicCon New York – February 9th, 2009