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Anna attended the Fox Programming Presentation this monday, here are 2 pictures:

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  • Hey everyone! I’ve finished updating the gallery with all the latest caps and stills.

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  • Previews:

    Fringe renewed for Season 5!

    Posted by Annie on
    April 27th, 2012

    Fox has renewed Fringe for a 5th season! The catch is that it’s just 13 episodes. Well, 13 episodes is way better than being cancelled. The show can have a proper ending! I’m really happy for this.

    Thank you Fox for giving us 13 more episodes!

    Caps from tonight’s episode are up! Awesome episode! I love Olivia and Peter so much <3

  • Fringe > Season 4 – Screencaptures > 4×15 – A Short Story About Love

  • Caps from last night Fringe 4×14 – The End of All Things. The ratings rised a bit to 1.2.

  • Fringe > Season 4 – Screencaptures > 4×14 – The End Of All Things

  • Fringe 4×15 A Short Story About Love Preview

    Posted by Annie on
    February 25th, 2012

    So, did you watch tonight’s Fringe yet? Is your mind blown? I’m speechless with the awesomeness of this show! Here’s the preview for the march 24th episode “4×15 A Short Story About Love”:

    Fringe 4×14 The End of All Things Still

    Posted by Annie on
    February 25th, 2012

    One still from tonight’s episode which airs in less than 2h! Watch it live!

  • Fringe > Season 4 – Promotionals/Stills > 4×14 – The End Of All Things
  • *May contain spoilers*

    Fringe will not be going silently into its next, three-week break. No, tonight’s episode (Fox, 9/8c) offers a little something for everyone, from fans of Peter and Walter’s collaborative sleuthing to those who’ve missed Nina Sharpe, to the many of us who have clamored for more backstory on the Observers.
    “This episode was designed to tell a few [stories],” executive producer Jeff Pinkner tells TVLine. “You have the story between Olivia and Nina” — who when last seen were in captivity together, each looking shaken up — “and anytime Jared Harris as David Robert Jones is on the screen is just fantastic. And allowing Michael Cerveris as our Observer (codenamed September) to peel back layers and reveal some truths about what his agenda has been — and to really use that as an opportunity to revisit some things we’ve done on the show — was fun and exciting for us.”

    Indeed, September’s (quite literally) surprising visit to Walter’s lab sets the table for an uninterrupted, six-minute exploration of the Observers’ overall mission, replete with choice flashbacks to Fringe seasons gone by and at least one OMG! moment, when it is made clear who has really been September’s No. 1 priority.

    “We’ve always said that you’ll find out more about the Observers this season,” reminds exec producer Joel Wyman, “so that’s a highlight [of the episode], yeah.”

    Especially as it compellingly underscores the show bosses’ fervent desire to always subvert what viewers are thinking.

    “For us to constantly break what you think you know and sort of reset things and have people go, ‘Wow, I didn’t see that coming’ is why we get up in the morning,” says Wyman. “[We like] to take people for a ride.”

    But as noted above, this week’s hour is also David Robert Jones-heavy, and while small hints at his überplan will be dropped, viewers will have to wait until March 23, at soonest, to take a deeper dive into the big bad’s agenda — if, that is, he turns out to be this season’s most malevolent manipulator.

    “Just remember,” Pinkner says, “that on Fringe we try to make it like nothing is as it seems, that there’s always a little more to the story, behind the story. [Jones] is definitely a large part going forward, but a lot of things will come full circle and recontextualize things that you’ve already seen.”


    Fringe Scoop from Matt’s Inside Line

    Posted by Annie on
    February 24th, 2012

    Fringe | I try not to oversell things, but this Friday’s Fringe – the last one before a three-week break — is damn entertaining. When last we tuned in, Olivia had been abducted and thrown into some sort of holding room with a bedraggled Nina, just as another Nina was suspected of sneaking Cortexiphan out of MD’s deep storage and administering it to her “daughter.” Well, this week David Robert Jones will very quickly make his (short-term) agenda with Olivia known, while elsewhere Peter and Walter labor to figure out where Olivia has been taken to and Broyles does his darnedest to make Nina talk. As seen in the extended trailer I shared the other day, the Observer known as September portends to hold answers for Peter, and that sets up six of the series’ all-time most compelling minutes. How do things leave off heading into this mini-hiatus? I’ll just say that someone makes an impossibly difficult decision in the name of the greater good.


    I can’t decide whether these are spoilers or just teasers, so, read with caution!

    Article from The Hollywood Reporter:

    Executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman say episode 15 “is a culmination of all emotional roads” and tease that Olivia’s (possible) death is “a major part” of where the season is going.

    Last week’s Fringe ended with a surprising reveal, but in true fashion, only introduced more questions.

    During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunners Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman revisited last week’s game-changing episode, “A Better Human Being”; previewed Friday’s pivotal hour; and answered (more like clarified) a few burning inquiries — addressing the fates of Olivia, Peter and David Robert Jones’ big move.

    The Hollywood Reporter: There are some viewers who believed at the beginning that Fringe was in a completely new timeline, but in recent weeks, that theory has been debunked. Fair to say?

    Jeff Pinkner: It’s funny because we said that in the beginning. We said that we declared the truth both onscreen and in every interview but people were sort of unwilling to. It’s a fascinating study in psychology in how people receive stories. They’re just sort of unwilling to accept the answer on its face, partly because emotionally they didn’t want to accept it and partly because they’re trying to guess what the reversal is.
    Joel Wyman: We’re both such huge fans of television, we said never in a million years would we do the old, “Oh my gosh, i woke up and everything was a dream.” Man, I would throw my remote at the TV screen too. So we would never do that.

    THR: Now that we know there are two Nina Sharps in our midst. Will the “how” be uncovered?

    Pinkner: Without answering it directly, if it were a shape shifter, someone would have to die. So you can’t have two Ninas if one of them is a shape shifter. It’s part of the mystery, but at the same time, we’ve established that David Robert Jones can pretty much cross over pretty much at will now.

    THR: Since Peter is certain this Olivia is his Olivia — and then she disappeared — what does this mean for the two of them?

    Wyman: Another thing we’ve said is that no good decent life story is worth telling without a lot of different twists and turns in the road. Jeff and I are both romantics; we both believe in the notion of love and the strength of love. We’ve been saying since that since the beginning that we both believe Olivia and Peter are destined for each other. Episode 4×15 [airing March 23] is a culmination of all emotional roads and I think it’ll be very satisfying for people who have been with the show since the beginning.

    THR: Is Olivia a better version of herself?

    Wyman: It’s funny because that’s subjective. If you met a version of yourself you could say she has more money than you have on this side, but she maybe she’s not as soulful as you are on this side. She could also have a mother and father that are still alive and you could’ve perhaps lost one of your parents, but that means you have an even better relationship with the one who survives. They’re choices and they mean different things for different people. She would have to be the judge of whether she’s a better version of herself because she’s experienced both.

    THR: What does this mean then for Lincoln, who had been harboring a crush on Olivia?

    Pinkner: You’re asking all the right questions. So that’s good.

    THR: Is this unfair to him, in some respects?

    Wyman: Is it? See, that’s the thing, that’s the notion about love. Life sometimes isn’t fair and sometimes you don’t get everything that you want but you make it everything that you need. Sometimes by not getting one thing, you realize that maybe that thing wasn’t right for you in the first place and there’s something else better for you.

    THR: What can we expect in coming episodes, with David Robert Jones causing trouble across universes?

    Wyman: Certainly by implication what David Robert Jones is doing on our side, he’s doing on the other side as well, and his designs are multi-universal in scale and scope. We know, thus far, because of the bridge that we opened last season, Peter sacrificed himself for it before he returned. Both worlds have been healing and now David Robert Jones has stepped into the fray and thrown a monkey wrench into that. As long as this season-long arc plays out, it has implications for both universes. As you say, Olivia’s return or seeming return isn’t going to be without complication.

    THR: We all know that Olivia is aware that she will die. How will that factor in?

    Wyman: We can’t give you that, but it’s a major part of where we’re sort of heading. One of the great things about that character is that she’s always dealing with things that are crazy and because it’s Fringe, we’re allowed to handle things in ways you wouldn’t expect. We can’t really say a lot about that because, don’t forget, she actually met the person [in “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide”] who was supposed to kill her so he will come back. You’ll have to watch and see how all these things are connected.

    Fringe airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on Fox.