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Anna Torv Q&A

Posted by Annie on
November 21st, 2010

by Mark Townsend at Check their website for 2 more Anna Torv features: Anna Torv and 6 Picks with Anna Torv

MTB: What is beauty to you?

AT: To me, beauty is an attitude, more often than not. Whether it’s your own or in other people.

MTB: What role have you had that was most interesting to you from a beauty perspective?

AT: When I was at drama school in Australia, we used to have to do our own hair and make-up for stage performances. I always loved that. I would spend hours pouring through reference pictures. All the details of make-up and hair from the ’30s or ’40s or whatever time the play was set. I had my grandma teach me to roll my hair for that ’40s look, the way she used to do it, with a wooden spoon!

MTB: Tell me about the hair and make-up routine for “Fringe.”

AT: Simple! We have always tried to keep the look very simple, pony tails and minimal make up. She is an FBI agent and we thought to have her all ‘glam’ would be ridiculous.

MTB: What’s the best beauty trick you learned on set?
AT: Shading! Even with simple make-up you still want to make sure that there is some definition in your face. I am amazed how much shading can alter your face shape and help to hide imperfections.

MTB: Have you always been a blond? Would you experiment with other shades?

AT: I haven’t always been blonde, no. I’ve experimented with many shades. But I am enjoying the blonde for the moment.

MTB: Would you ever chop it all off? Why or why not?

AT: Twice have I gone with a drastic cut. Once into a tom boy shag and another time into a buzz cut. I still have the hair from the first time I cut it. You feel very exposed for the first few weeks, especially after having a big head of hair to hide behind. I think that long hair is much easier to manage. When it is short you have to style it and constantly trim. So from a maintenance perspective, long is much easier to manage.

MTB: What’s it like to watch yourself on screen or flip through magazines and see yourself?

AT: Sometimes it is fine, sometimes I cringe, and sometimes when I see pictures from a great shoot, I wish I woke up like that.

MTB: Is that an experience you’re comfortable with?

AT: I am getting more comfortable with it the more I do it. Working with different photographers and hair and makeup teams is all part of the learning experience.

MTB: What’s your favorite feature? Why? Which part of yourself are you most critical of (if any…)?

AT: These two questions are interchangeable. It is so connected to my mood and my attitude!

Photographer: Don Flood. Hair: Mark Townsend. Make Up: Robin Black. Fashion Director: Estee Stanley. Art Director: “Frank the Tank.” Dress: Catherine Malandrino. Shoes: Jimmy Choo.