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Fringe 4×03 Alone in the World Screen Captures

Posted by Annie on
October 8th, 2011

Hey everyone, we’re back online! Another brilliant episode of Fringe last night. What did you think? I was crying at the end of the episode. Poor Walter thinking he was going crazy(ier)!

Here are screen captures

  • Season 4 – Screencaptures > 4×03 – Alone in the World

  • One thought on “Fringe 4×03 Alone in the World Screen Captures

    1. KymB

      I cried during this episode too! This ep really showed Walter at a deeper level. We got to see just how much he was affected by Peter’s death, and we got to see how brilliant he is after all while he saves this boy who reminds him of his own son. I’m so glad that more people are watching, but it would be even nicer if much more people watched.

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