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Fringe Upcoming Episodes Titles & Schedule

Posted by Annie on
March 25th, 2011

As you may already know, I have on the sidebar a list of upcoming episodes and the airing date. Here are the episodes, I don’t really consider episodes titles to be a spoiler themselves as in Fringe, there’s always so much more to every title, name and situation, so, pardon me if you think that way.

  • Fri 25/Mar/2011: 3×18 – Bloodline
  • Fri 15/Apr/2011: 3×19 – Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
  • Fri 22/Apr/2011: 3×20 – 6.02am EST
  • Fri 29/Apr/2011: 3×21 – The Last Sam Weiss
  • Fri 06/May/2011: 3×22 – The Day We Died – Season Finale
  • If you live in the US make sure to watch the episodes live if you can. Social life on fridays is overrated, why would you want to go out? Pfft! Stay home, chill out and have Fringe fun! 😀

    “Fox Renews Fringe” was trending on Twitter yesterday. It’s the power of the fans!

    Don’t forget to twit tonight during and after the episode of Fringe. “Anna Torv”, “Fringe”, “Walter”, “Astrid”, “Peter Bishop”. Anything and everything. Let’s get our show and Anna on trending again!