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Fringe Scoop from Matt’s Inside Line

Posted by Annie on
February 24th, 2012

Fringe | I try not to oversell things, but this Friday’s Fringe – the last one before a three-week break — is damn entertaining. When last we tuned in, Olivia had been abducted and thrown into some sort of holding room with a bedraggled Nina, just as another Nina was suspected of sneaking Cortexiphan out of MD’s deep storage and administering it to her “daughter.” Well, this week David Robert Jones will very quickly make his (short-term) agenda with Olivia known, while elsewhere Peter and Walter labor to figure out where Olivia has been taken to and Broyles does his darnedest to make Nina talk. As seen in the extended trailer I shared the other day, the Observer known as September portends to hold answers for Peter, and that sets up six of the series’ all-time most compelling minutes. How do things leave off heading into this mini-hiatus? I’ll just say that someone makes an impossibly difficult decision in the name of the greater good.