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The grand design of Fringe’s fantastic third season is becoming increasingly clear. The first half of the season was all about Olivia’s parallel world plight (and a showcase for Anna Torv to strut her considerable stuff); the second half of the season is about Peter’s possibly soul-corrupting doomsday machine destiny (and a showcase for Joshua Jackson to take center stage). The past couple episodes have suggested a potentially dark fate for Peter, whether or not he blows up the multiverse; his interface with the doomsday device seems to be making him go all Die! Die! Shapeshifters, DIE! and possibly downright Dark Phoenix-ish. Or Galactus-y. Or Crisis On Infinite Earths-issy. (Peter: More Monitor or more Anti-Monitor?) Actually, I’m thinking Peter’s path to the dark side will lead him here. Friday’s new episode of Fringe — “Concentrate and Ask Again” — deepens the intrigue, and we have an exclusive tease from Fox that has the cast setting the stage, articulating the stakes, and just generally geeking out on their show. Which I love. Who needs my silly comic booky theories and kooky Magic 8-ball predictions when you have Jackson, Torv, John Noble, Jasika Nicole and Blair Brown using their big brains to crunch Fringe for you! Check out the video — but read on afterward, as I have an urgent favor to ask of y’all.

All right, the favor: I need YOUR questions for a Q&A next week with… none other than Peter himself, Joshua Jackson. If you’re a Fringe fan and you have a question about his character or the show — a maybe a theory that you’d like to run past him, I invite you to post them below (or send them to me at or Twitter: @ewdocjensen). I’ll have chance to interview Jackson in the next several days and my ambition is to put as many of your questions to him as possible. So to cop a phrase from tomorrow’s episode: Concentrate and ask. The answers, next week. P.S.: Don’t forget to check out Ken Tucker’s next-day recaps of Fringe each Saturday morning.

To find out more about how to send your questions, check website!