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Fringe Season 3 Final episodes titles (Spoilers)

Posted by Annie on
March 22nd, 2011 Ask Ausiello brings some interesting and SPOILERY info, including the season finale episode titles. Stay away if you don’t wanna know yet 😛

Question: Two weeks in a row with Fringe scoop. Keep the streak alive! —Jeff
Ausiello: OK, we’re now three-for-three, because I happen to have found out the titles of this season’s last two episodes, and at least one of them sounds VERY ominous. (And you know when I do “very” in all caps like that, I mean business.) Let’s start with the penultimate episode (3.21), which is called “The Last Sam Weiss.” I previously reported that Kevin Corrigan would be back as Olivia’s bowling alley counselor/confidant, but what’s intrigued me now is that “last” bit. Before you hit the comments with your theories, grab a seat, take a hit of oxygen, and behold the title of the season finale: “The Day We Died.” Go ahead. Take a moment to process that. [Beat] Moment’s up. It sure sounds to me like we’ll be down one universe if when Fringe returns in the fall, right?