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Despite not yet being renewed, on-the-bubble Fringe is already seeking a new role to recur into its potential fourth season.

Sci-fi fans around the world continue to wait on bated breath for news regarding Fringe’s renewal for a fourth season, but it appears that, at least in this universe, the show’s producer have no problems counting a few chickens before they hatch.

Fringe has kept fairly consistent ratings since its well-publicized move to the infamous “Friday Night Death Slot,” owing largely in part to its dedicated fanbase and extensive promotion aimed at embracing the notoriously difficult timeslot.

And yet, even with the series’ uncertain future, E Online’s Watch with Kristin shared some very promising (if bold) news about producers’ confidence in the season four renewal:

“Season four, and gods willing, there will be a season four, might bring us a new lady castmember. Producers are casting for a green FBI agent named Emily to come aboard for the finale and possibly recur next year. Let’s see, Rachel Nichols is already locked up by Criminal Minds, and Emily Rose is on Haven, so…paging Maggie Grace!”

We’ve begun to see Fringe start pulling out a few stops with surprise guest stars, but help make good on the producer’s casting call by tuning in Friday nights at 9!

So what do you think? Would you be excited to see a new cast-member for season four, knock on wood? Do you think Fringe will join the ranks of TV Shows to Survive the Friday Night Death Slot? And what of dear Astrid! Grab your parallel universe double, and make a pair of comments below!

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