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Hello everyone. Here I bring screen captures from the very last Fringe episodes. I haven’t really decided how I feel about the ending. The episodes were awesome, but the very ending was bittersweet. I wanted to see a bit more. Oh well, we did get to see Bolivia and Lincoln again which was just awesome and Olivia being the badass we just love. The Fringe cast and crew did an amazing job over the past 5 years and I’m grateful for such an amazing show.

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  • 4 Comments on “Fringe 5×12 Liberty & 5×13 An Enemy of Fate Screen Captures

    1. Roman Harlamov

      Fringe – Fringe – Fringe – Fringe – Fringe
      !!! – LIFE LOVE HAPPINESS – !!!

    2. Chris Rice on Facebook

      I finally saw my most anticipated show. I saw a glimpse of what Liv saw when she looked @ Peter & Ella in the park. She knows what past/timeline. I loved the ending! Very nice way to end a series as this. Now for a series about Ella?

    3. Anna Torv . Net Fansite on Facebook

      You mean Etta? Ella was Olivia’s niece. Etta (Henrietta) is Olivia/Peter’s daughter

    4. Chris Rice on Facebook

      Yes, I am typing on my phone, I am a 45 year old blonde! But! I am a smart blonde. So, was I correct about the ending? Or should I watch the other ending?

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