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Fringe 4×02 One Night In October Screen Captures

Posted by Annie on
October 1st, 2011

Amazing episode! Double Anna in excellence! Still airing in West Coast, but here are screen captures! Enjoy!

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    1. Fringe 4×02 One Night In October Screen Captures: #fringe #AnnaTorv

    2. luc

      Hi, there, people.
      I wish to share my views about that Olivia – FauxLivia dualism. I think Olivia is the loving, caring, compassionate woman where Fauxlivia is the selfish, careless, rebellious, ambitious one. Think also Nina Sharp as another FauxLivia. I see in Peter the tight-lipped preacher, unable to love a woman unless she is submissive, but not attracted to her because she is submissive. But the real lovers of Olivia are the alternate Broyles and the taxi-driver, they represent not the bibled america but the whole world… they need her.

      “Kill the bouddha”, this idiotic zen koan, could mean also: “kill the women”, the red-haired witches. Does the alternate Walter character represent the paranoid, violent, misogynistic, son-possessive, unable to love, abrahamic father? Are there other ways to break the spell than drugs and evil experiments on children: Which ways? think, Walter!

      1. Annie

        I have to disagree about Fauxlivia. She’s just been raised differently

        1. luc

          Oh Annie, I am sorry I misread the character.
          My idea is that Olivia is able to travel between universes, not because of any cortexiphan, but because she is, in her soul, the unbroken woman, both sides of her still alive. Should she realize this, she would also become the cure…

          And I feel horrified by the poor Peter-Isaac fate, sacrificed in fact by his father on the altar-machine. A tip to Walter, then: His memory may well await him behind the amber goo of taboo.

          Thanks, Annie, for your posts

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