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Christopher Lloyd enters the world of ‘Fringe’

Posted by Annie on
January 24th, 2011

For “Fringe’s” first episode in its new Friday timeslot, you know they have to do something big. Not only do the mysterious Observers return, but the legendary Christopher Lloyd joins the cast as a rock musician idolized by John Noble’s Walter Bishop.

Lloyd’s character finds out the real reason his band broke up, and since this is “Fringe,” you know there’s going to be a very bizarre reason for it. “I was very excited for this role. My character is going through an experience he never expected to happen to him, and he’s adjusting to that,” he told reporters on Thursday, adding that he felt that he was welcomed in as a part of the ensemble cast.

For Noble’s part, he was excited to have Lloyd as his musical hero. ““He’s one of my heroes anyway, so when Christopher came on, it was a dream come true,” he said. “We had an amazing time together these two old guys, just reminiscing.”

Noble teased the fact that we haven’t seen the last of “Walter-nate” or the alternate world. “We’ll give you a little more background as to why [Walter-nate] is like he is. We spend a few more episodes back in the alternate universe,” he said.

It also turns out that Noble is as fascinated by the Observers as the fans are: “It’s really interesting to have them back in trying to repair the damage and put things right. At the end of the episode, the Observer says something incredibly telling, that just shows how much danger and drama there is ahead.”