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1×15 & 1×16 Screencaps

Posted by Annie on
April 16th, 2009

I uploaded this week’s episodes screencaps, episode Unleashed:

I had uploaded from last week episode too, but hadnt posted about it: Inner Child

4 Comments on “1×15 & 1×16 Screencaps

  1. Kyndra

    very cool! I love your website I know Anna would also (=

  2. Jaco

    Wow,I have been a fan a short time,but you really are very good and beautiful. Please, if you have the time write back. Wow you are quite an exception
    in this world of acting. I am just a lonely writer,composer and player of music. Working with sick children in a hospital. Your attraction is somewhat mystic,but then graceful when it wants to be. Wow,Ace! of course the big question, are you married? Break my heart.( no i am not a school kid!)
    Hopefully your cobber.

  3. Ming Zhong

    From “Fringe” I know you, and I like the girl you act in the movie. Thanks to the internet, I can talk to anyone I like, no matter where he or she is. I am a Chinese, while you are an Austrilian. I will keep eyes on the next season of “Fringe”. Hope you have better action.
    And take care of yourself!
    Best wishes!

  4. Annika

    Anna attended the Star Trek premiere and omg, she looked stunning!

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