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Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’ FYC Event

Posted by Marilia on
June 3rd, 2018

Netflix invited Television Academy National Active members and a guest to a screening and panel discussion of Mindhunter wit the cast Anna Torv, Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Cameron Britton and David Fincher (Executive Producer/Director), Erik Messerschmidt (Director of Photography), Steve Arnold (Production Designer), Jennifer Starzyk (Costume Designer), and Laray Mayfield (Casting Director). Our gallery has been updated with high quality images.

TORV001.jpg TORV007.jpg TORV008.jpg TORV019.jpg TORV022.jpg
TORV035.jpg TORV039.jpg TORV043.jpg TORV047.jpg TORV048.jpg

5th Annual Vulture Festival

Posted by Marilia on
May 21st, 2018

Anna attended Vulture Festival alongside her co-stars Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany and Cameron Britton where they spoke onstage during ‘Get Your Mind Blown With the Cast of Mindhunter’ on Day Two of the event Presented By AT&T. Our gallery has been updated with images, enjoy!

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg 005.jpg

On May 19, Anna joined the cast and producers of Netflix’s Mindhunter to discuss about the show in an official ATAS Screening and Panel. Our gallery has been updated with images, enjoy!

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 005.jpg 006.jpg


Gallery Updates: 2017 Public Appearances

Posted by Marilia on
December 19th, 2017

Hello, guys! We’ve updated our gallery with some pictures of Anna attending events in 2017. We’ll also work on our gallery in the next day, don’t forget to take a look!

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg
007.jpg 008.jpg 020.jpg 021.jpg
001.jpg 005.jpg 003.jpg 006.jpg

Fringe Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4 Aditional Stills

Posted by Annie on
December 6th, 2012

I’ve added a whole bunch of aditional stills from Season 1 to 4 of Fringe aswell as Cast Promotionals from Seasons 1 and 2 that I didn’t have before. There’s a lot of new stuff. Enjoy!

Gallery Update: Photoshoots

Posted by Annie on
November 9th, 2012

I’ve uploaded this beautiful photoshoot of Anna from last year. Enjoy!

  • Photoshoots > Session 027

  • Gallery Updates: Photoshoots

    Posted by Annie on
    October 26th, 2012

    Hey guys, to finish today’s episode, some old photoshoots. Big thanks to Masha from!

  • Photoshoots > Session 024
  • Photoshoots > Session 025
  • Photoshoots > Session 026

  • Caps from tonight’s episode are up. Cry-worthy episode!

    Season 5 Group Promotional Picture

    Posted by Annie on
    September 27th, 2012

    The group promotional picture is up. *cant-wait*