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Saturn Award nominations

Posted by Annie on
February 21st, 2013

Anna Torv has been nominated for this year Saturn Awards in the Best Actress category.

Fringe has scored more nominations including Best Actor for Joshua Jackson, Best Supporting Actor for John Noble, Best Guest Supporting Actor for Lance Reddick and Blair Brown and Best Network Television for Fringe.

The Saturn Award is presented by The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films.

This year’s 39th Saturn Awards is set to be held on June. I’ll post a date when I have one.

Congratulation to Fringe and it’s cast/crew.

One thought on “Saturn Award nominations

  1. Ruben Veiga Roiz on Facebook

    Hello: -)
    First of all I excuse myself disturbed you in your intimacy!
    I admire what you do, you are irreplaceable in this cult series Fringe.
    What a pity that it does not have Fringe 6!! : – ( I understand that you live intensely and that you do not have much time so much you are occupied by all that you do).
    I understand you because me even I am spirit to develop a software to develop video games which was never developed,it takes all my time,but obviously it is not comparable with what you make of course.
    I have a friend who is director and the life of artist I know that it is not obvious to manage, time especially!

    You will take to me for insane but I have a dream! : -) I have a friend who is a writer who is unaware of it with writing a lot of news but it does not dare not published and it gives up this passion, you understand?

    In fact I would like to sent her a “electric shock”, I explaine.
    If you pass to Brussels from time to time – you could contacted me so that the time of a coffee I’ll explain you all that of sharp voice (I dreame high lol): -) What I would like is to playe a small scenario (she adored the series, she did not miss an episode).
    The scenario would be to come to a quite precise place (that you choose , why not a cafeteria in a large surface here for example, with or without noble John Noble well with but I would have been still dreamed).
    And to make her believe that Fringe it is reality lol and that you are “The Other Olivia” and that you know her in the other parallel universe and that there it is a writer!!.
    Cavity it will not believe in it but you imagine the emotion by seeing you expensive and in bone with Walter lol: -) All this in 30 minutes or less of course! Here is Anna, I hope that I do not make you waste your time and that I do not preach in the desert (it is an expression from here). I’m sorry for my English language but I do not practise enough, I practise especially technical English but I usually speak French and Spanish.
    Here are my contact:

    Ruben Veiga Roiz or

    Telephone +32 477541679 or 3227620979
    You know I would give anything for that (if money is needed known as it me).
    I kiss you in a friendly way as a fan can make it and if you could given me an answer even no (I would understand).
    I thank you in advance ‘Olivia Dunham”.


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